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A Kerala lawyer who helps boosting farming income

Joby Sebastian and his Percolator Fertigation post farm at Kothamangalam.

Urbanisation and limited space have posed challenges to traditional farming methods. But a lawyer in Kerala has come out with a revolutionary farming method known as “Percolator Fertigation Post” enabling anyone with limited space to cultivate a diverse array of crops and earn revenue from it.

Advocate Joby Sebastian, hailing from Thattekkad in Kothamangalam, has successfully brought about a transformative shift in small-scale farming by implementing Percolator Fertigation Post farming for the past 15 years. Despite holding an LLB degree and being enrolled as a lawyer, Joby decided to pursue his passion for farming, given his family’s agricultural background, with a goal of assisting fellow farmers with innovative solutions.

His Percolator Fertigation Post has become a game-changer for those looking to maximize their crop yield in small plots. “We can install 100 posts in a ten cent land and do farming without worrying about the nature of the soil or water availability. The posts are basically used for pepper cultivation though other creeper crops can also be grown,” Joby told “Open Digest“.

Each post has a life of not less than 50 years without any damage or breakage. The posts are manufactured using a special porous concrete technology which facilitates roots to penetrate inside the cavity filled with soil and manure through the porous concrete holes. This enables more nutrient absorption through all the roots, therefore, the plant growth is accelerated with minimal use of manure. These posts are made from several porous concrete rings stacked one over the other.

The posts combine the principles of percolation and fertigation. This innovation not only maximizes space utilization but also reduces water wastage, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Joby, who developed this method out of necessity to farm in his small backyard, has made it his mission to spread the word about the Percolator Fertigation Post farming. Joy has also won recognitions for his innovative farming method which has the potential to transform urban agriculture, making it more accessible, sustainable, and diverse.

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