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A Rasoi that serves free breakfast to people in Kochi every day

People in front of Annapurna Rasoi in Kochi to collect breakfast.

Every day around 7.30 am, Chinnappan, a 54-year-old rag picker comes to Amman Kovil junction at Chittoor road and stands in a queue on the side of the road. Chinnappa and the others in the queue, mostly daily wage workers and destitute, know that breakfast will be served on time and they all are happy to begin their day in full stomach.

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Thanks to the efforts of Jan Kalyan Society and All India Marwari Federation, a free breakfast scheme started by them during the Covid-19 crisis on a trial basis for the needy, has now become a major relief to hundreds of people.

The initiative “Annapurna Rasoi” was started to ensure that none in the city remain hungry without having breakfast. The society renovated a small abandoned traffic aid post at Amman Kovil junction and converted it to a counter to serve free breakfast to the hungry.

The scheme was started under the guidance of Mayor Anil Kumar and Councillor Sudha Dileep Kumar. Jan Kalyan Society members led by its treasurer Narender Kumar have been coordinating the day to day activities of the Rasoi to ensure that the breakfast reaches on time and it’s served piping hot to the people.

“We serve breakfast at Amman Kovil Junction six days a week and at Kaloor junction on Sundays. The Rasoi serves breakfast to around 2000 people every week and we have been doing it without any break since March 2022. We serve idlis or upma with sambar,” said Saurabh Agarwal, one of the coordinators of the Rasoi.

The Rasoi is planning to start its own kitchen so that they can deliver more free food to the needy in the city. The initiative is currently funded by donations from good samaritans in the city. “Many good samaritans are donating to the cause. We are planning to expand so that we could serve more,” Saurabh added. Contact 9447056785 for supporting the initiative.

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