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After visiting Israel, Kerala farmer adopts Israeli farming to reap rich

Sujith S P at his farm in Kanjikuzhi, Cherthala, Kerala. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

Meet Sujith S P, a 36-year-old agricultural entrepreneur from Alappuzha in Kerala, who has gained a massive following on social media, inspiring a new generation of farmers with his innovative techniques and sustainable practices. Now Sujith is busy adopting Israeli farming techniques on his farms at Kanjikuzhi in Cherthala, Alappuzha after returning from Israel.

Sujith was one among the select few farmers from Kerala who went to Israel in February on a Kerala government sponsored tour to understand the Israeli farming techniques.

Sujith’s journey from a cab driver to a successful farmer is an example of how dedication, hard work and willingness to learn and innovate can bring success in a person’s life.

Sujith says that his Israel visit gave him confidence to implement advanced agricultural practices which Israeli farmers used to overcome numerous challenges like unpredictable weather patterns, limited water resources and soil degradation. “I have fully implemented drip irrigation, a method widely used in Israel for delivering water directly to the plant’s roots to maximise efficiency and minimise wastage. But I have made some changes in the drip irrigation system to suit our needs and requirement,” he said, adding that he also started following the precise way of applying organic fertilisers.

Currently, Sujith has adopted Israeli farming techniques for banana  cultivation. “Israel faces a water shortage. We do not have such a situation. They follow the best farming procedures to get maximum yield with minimum investment,” he said.

Sujith, who has been into farming for the last 12 years, has also built a state-of-the-art greenhouse farming shed equipped with climate control systems that maintained optimal temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions.

Sujith is an inspiration to many as he took up farming with limited knowledge but mastered different farming techniques over a period of time. He quickly realised the need for modernisation and sustainability in the agricultural sector to stay relevant and competitive in farming. Sujith has huge followers in his Facebook and Instagram profiles named “Variety Farmer” through which he spreads awareness about innovative farming techniques. Apart from vegetable farming, Sujith is also into fish farming.

By farming in 25 acres of land which he has taken on lease, Sujith has given direct employment to 10 local residents. Kerala government has recognised this youth right from 2015 with several prestigious awards like Young Farmer Award and Youth Icon in Farming.

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