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An innovative school in Kochi for elderly to enrich lives, open new horizons

The elderly inmates of House of Providence who are enrolled for the innovative school for senior citizens. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

To help the elderly combat social isolation and empower them to adapt to the changing world, a Kochi-based organisation has established a revolutionary school tailored exclusively for senior citizens.

The new initiative aims to provide the ageing population with opportunities to learn a new language and explore subjects of personal interest, while also creating avenues for them to work as interns in emerging industries. “By fostering continuous learning and engagement, we are determined to promote an active and fulfilling life for the elderly,” said founder and director Sijin B T of Sports and Management Research Institute which has opened the free school for the inmates at the House of Providence, a home for the aged.

“A person should not stop learning. An active brain keeps you young and energetic. We are creating a vibrant hub where senior citizens can engage in learning activities and discover new passions. We emphasise on teaching the seniors a new language, opening doors to cross-cultural interactions and enhanced cognitive abilities. We also teach them a new art to improve their hand and eye coordination. We employ innovative teaching methods that are tailored to accommodate any physical limitations while ensuring an enriching educational experience for the elderly,” Sijin told “Open Digest“.

He said they were also actively considering offering internship opportunities for the elderly within emerging industries. “We are exploring partnerships with various organisations, matching seniors with roles that align with their interests and aspirations. This not only allows them to continue their personal and professional development but also serves as a bridge for intergenerational collaboration and knowledge sharing,” he said.

By launching this pioneering school for the elderly, Sijin has taken a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and engaged world for seniors championing the rights of older individuals to lead active and meaningful lives.

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