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An inspiring parenting journey of a Kerala couple for their son with cerebral palsy

Anirudh K V along with his father Gopakumar Kolangat and mother Dhanya K V. Image Credit; Special Arrangement

Parenting is not an easy task and it becomes even more challenging if the child is born with congenital deformities. Meet Gopakumar Kolangat and Dhanya K V of Kalamassery in Kerala, loving parents of young Anirudh K V, who was diagnosed with congenital cerebral palsy. Rather than succumbing to despair, this couple chose to embark on an incredible journey demonstrating the power of love, positivity and the endless possibilities that lie in embracing the world despite the challenges.

It was when Anirudh was one-year-old that Gopakumar and Dhanya noticed some abnormality in the child. They were shattered when the doctor told his medical condition is cerebral palsy and explained that he won’t be able to walk or talk like normal children.

It wasn’t easy for them to realise the fact that their path as parents would be different from what they had envisioned. “We were in shock when the doctor told us that. But somehow, we gathered strength to accept the reality and live a life with optimism, joy and opportunities rather than worrying about the limitations,” Gopakumar told “Open Digest“.

Soon, Gopakumar, an economics faculty, and Dhanya changed their priorities and started looking out for means and methods nurturing a positive environment for Anirudh. “We realised that travelling is something that Anirudh enjoyed the most. So we started travelling more, taking him to different places. We wanted him to grow up knowing that his condition does not define him. As we focused more on creating vibes of love, acceptance and encouragement, it started to deliver positive results on us also”, Gopakumar said, adding that we could make Anirudh focus on his abilities rather than his disabilities.

“He soon started reading books and enjoying it. His interest in sports made him thoroughly conduct research on each football and cricket player. He created a positive world for himself without bothering about his limitations,” he said.

It was in fact Anirudh’s passion for football that paved the way for him to visit World Cup football in Qatar and watch his favourite football team Argentina in action at Lusail Stadium in Qatar. “We are thankful to a lot of well-wishers who helped Anirudh to watch his favourite team playing in the World Cup. As I was a teacher at DC School of Management and Technology at Vagamon for a few years, my students who were close to my family pitched in to help me take Anirudh to Qatar for watching the world cup,” said Gopakumar.

As Anirudh continues to live a life with a positive outlook overcoming the most daunting circumstances, Gopakumar and Dhanya have chosen to embrace their son’s uniqueness creating a life filled with purpose and joy.

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