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At 83, Kerala grandmother masters painting, stuns people with her works

M G Thankamma

Age is never an obstacle when it comes to following one’s passion. An 83-year-old grandmother in Kochi, Kerala has rekindled the joy of youth in her by learning painting and captivating the hearts of people through her works.

M G Thankamma, a retired school teacher, has evolved into an artist after deciding to pursue her childhood passion for drawing and painting at the age of 75. Though Thankamma’s childhood was filled with crayons and drawings, life’s responsibilities led her to put her passion aside. It wasn’t until her retirement that she decided to pick up her paintbrush once more, inspired by a desire to rediscover the joy of her youth.

“I always loved to draw and paint as a little girl. When I thought of pursuing my desire to learn painting, my children and grandchildren supported me. I enrolled as a student at the Adarsh School of Arts in Kochi and started learning oil painting and mural arts,” Thankamma told “Open Digest“.

Thankamma has created over 70 works in a span of four years, and she says that when she started painting, she realised it was never too late to pursue what she loved. “I wanted to create, to express myself through art, and to show that age is just a number,” she added.

Her works are a testament to her enduring spirit, characterised by bold strokes and vibrant hues that reflect a lifetime of experiences and emotions. Each of her artworks tells a story, resonating with a sense of nostalgia and newfound creativity.

“When I spend time working on the paintings, I feel very happy and a lot of positive energy in me. The art has the power to revitalise our body and mind,” she added. Thankamma, who did an exhibition of her works recently at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery in Kochi, is planning to conduct another exhibition after finishing a series of paintings.

“Art has given me a new lease on life. I hope my journey inspires others to embrace their passions, no matter their age,” she added.

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