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Braveheart girl of Kochi fights off attacker who barges into her house


This 16-year-old braveheart girl of Kochi escaped an attempted assault from an unidentified man by fighting him with her martial art skills.

Anagha, daughter of S Arun and Nisha of Sreenilayalam, Karingachira in Tripunithura showed great presence of mind in fighting off the attacker who barged into her home when she was alone. Though the attacker tried to assault her and stab her with a knife, Anagha, a Karate black belt holder, resisted his attempts and kicked him in his groin before using a coconut to smash at his head.

The attacker who fell on the floor immediately fled from the spot before the local residents could nab him. Anagha suffered minor injuries in the attack. Police have launched a probe into the incident and are verifying the CCTV cameras in the area to identify the suspect. Police said the incident occurred on February 28 around 7.30 am when the girl was alone at her home.

“My father went to drop my mother at her office. As I came to the kitchen to close the back door, I saw a man standing in the kitchen. He was holding a knife and pounced upon me. He tried to grab me and cover my mouth with his hand. As I blocked his movements, he stabbed my hand with the knife. I didn’t think twice and used my leg to hit his groin. He sat on the floor due to pain and I grabbed a coconut that was lying there and used it to hit on his head. After I hit him, he suddenly got up and rushed out through the back door. He fled the spot by jumping over the compound wall,” Anagha told “Open Digest”.

Anagha, a student of Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Tripunithura, has been studying Karate for the last ten years and she says that it was her Karate training that gave her the confidence to fight the attacker. “I didn’t panic when I saw him. I was confident that I could fight him,” Anagha said. As per the details, the attacker was wearing a round neck blue T shirt and pants.

“He is around six feet tall and clean shaven,” Anagha said. A team from Hill Palace Police Station visited the spot and collected the CCTV visuals.

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