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Cochin airport to offer luxury comfort to those who fly in using chartered jets 

KOCHI: Soon there will be a dedicated terminal at Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) at Nedumbassery with five star facilities for those corporate leaders who fly-in to Kochi in chartered private jets.  CIAL has officially announced its decision to launch its business jet terminal by June 2023 with works on the proposed terminal proceeding fast. 

According to CIAL, the business jet terminal being constructed at the existing Terminal-2 (T-2) will be launched three months ahead of the scheduled deadline. It will offer five-star facilities to offer best-in-class services to chartered flight passengers both international and domestic. Cial began the works on the new terminal after domestic operations were shifted to the new Terminal 1 in 2019.

Apart from the business jet terminal, the works on VVIP safe house and a budget transit hotel are also in the pipeline.  

As per a CIAL top executive, nearly 1,000 chartered flights operated from CIAL last year and the airport intends to tap the potential in the sector to increase its aero-vertical revenue. As of now only Delhi and Ahmedabad airports have exclusive business jet terminals serving to domestic sector. The proposed terminal at CIAL will serve both international and domestic chartered flights. The proposed Block-III will also have an area of 60,000 sqft where a transit hotel with 50 budget bath-attached rooms for passengers will be set up.

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