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Dr S R Narahari, a small town Kerala doctor gets WHO invitation to speak at Global Summit

Dr S R Narahari and the Institute of Applied Dermatology founded by him at Kasargod, Kerala.

Bringing immense pride to Kerala, Dr S R Narahari from a small town in Kasargod has received an invitation to speak and make a presentation at the inaugural WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit alongside the G20 Health Ministerial Meeting at Gandhinagar, Gujarat on August 17 and 18.

Dr S R Narahari, the founder-director of the not-for-profit Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kasargod, will make a presentation on “Introducing Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine for Filarial Lymphedema as a Public Health Intervention” at the historic summit organised by World Health Organisation.

Through his decades of research and clinical work, Dr Narahari, a senior allopathic dermatologist, has developed an integrative medicine approach that has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from lymphedema and lymphatic filariasis.

“I’m honoured by WHO’s invitation. It validates our institutional efforts over 24 years to deliver affordable and effective integrative care to the marginalised,” said Dr Narahari.

“This will be an opportunity to share how our integrative model has transformed patient lives and can be adapted globally. I hope to see integrative medicine formally accepted into mainstream healthcare,” Dr Narahari told “Open Digest.”

The IAD, which Dr Narahari founded in 1999, is renowned for its integrative treatment of tropical diseases. Its community-based health camps have helped patients in remote rural areas to manage and reverse the progression of the disfiguring disease. The Institute with the funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) also runs dedicated treatment centres in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for lymphatic filariasis and lymphedema patients.

Dr Narahari’s remarkable journey towards this milestone has been defined by years of unyielding dedication and relentless research aimed at developing integrative medicine solutions for patients suffering from lymphedema and lymphatic filariasis.

With his pioneering work in integrative medicine, Narahari has revolutionised treatment for Lymphatic Filariasis and Lymphedema, providing hope and healing to thousands of patients over the years. His approach blends modern medicine with evidence-based yoga and ayurveda therapies offering a holistic and patient-centric model of care.

Dr Narahari adds, “the invitation to the WHO summit motivates us to scale up our work. It provides us a platform to show that integrative care can successfully treat debilitating diseases like Lymphatic Filariasis.”

With this prestigious invitation, Dr Narahari joins the league of pathbreaking Indian doctors whose work has impacted global healthcare. As he presents his integrative medicine model on the international stage, his life’s mission to make holistic healthcare accessible for all gains well-deserved worldwide acknowledgement.

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