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e-boats usher in an eco-friendly water transport in Kerala

Kochi Water Metro. Image Credit: Kochi Water Metro

The tranquil waterways of Kerala are witnessing a revolutionary change as electric boats navigate their way more into the state’s water transport sector displacing conventional diesel powered boats that pollute the water and damage the marine ecosystem.

These boats, powered solely by electricity generated from solar, are emerging as the champions of environmentally friendly water transport in the region, curbing pollution and transforming the way people move across Kerala’s intricate network of rivers, lakes, and canals. The e-boats have come as a major solution to environmental impact caused by traditional diesel-powered boats. Apart from reducing carbon footprint, the e-boats ensure a silent and emission-free voyage preserving the serene ambiance of Kerala’s water bodies and contributing to improved air quality and a healthier ecosystem.

After Kochi Metro has taken the lead in utilising e-boats for its water transport network in Kochi, there has been a strong demand for e-boats from tourist boat operators and other private agencies in Kerala.

“The e-boats, mainly solar-powered boats, are a game changer in Kerala. Though the initial cost may be high compared to conventional fossil fuel powered boats, in the long run, these eco boats deliver more profit. What we really need is an incentive package like subsidies from the government for those who switch over to e-boats for their operations. The transition to e-boats is showcasing Kerala as a more sustainable and eco tourist destination to the world,” said Sandith Thandasherry, CEO of NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats. NavAlt has already supplied a solar-powered ferry boat to Kerala State Water Transport Department.

“We have been the first to successfully introduce and operate a solar powered boat for public transport in Kerala. Now there is an increasing demand for e-boats in Kerala and we are having a handful of orders,” said Sandith.

As Kerala charts a course towards a greener future for its waterways, more water transporters are coming forward to embrace e-boats that balance economic growth with environmental preservation. The quiet revolution of e-boats is painting a new picture of water transport in Kerala and as these silent emissaries sail, they carry not just passengers but the promise of a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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