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Flowers from Tamil Nadu add grandeur to “Pushpabhishekam” at Sabarimala

Flowers being prepared for "Pushpabhishekam" at Sabarimala. Image Credit : PRD - Kerala

As the annual Sabarimala pilgrimage season is on, tonnes of different varieties of flowers are coming from across the border mainly from Tamil Nadu to Sabarimala for “Pushpabhishekam” offering to Lord Ayyappa. Farmers of Cumbum, Dindigul and Hosur take extra care in cultivating these flowers at their farms for Lord Ayyappa and are transported to Sabarimala with utmost care.

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According to official records, 12 “Pushpabhishekams” take place on each day during the Mandala-Makaravillakku season every year requiring eight types of flowers mainly Lotus, Thetthi (Geranium), Thulasi, Koovalam (Indian bael ), Aruli (Oleander), Jamanthi (Marigold), Mulla (Jasmine) and Rose.

Pilgrims with flowers for Pushpabhishekam at Sannidhanam in Sabarimala Image Credit PRD Kerala

The flowers are brought to Sannidhanam on tractors on a daily basis. Legend says flower offering (Pushpabhishekam) is one of the favorites of Lord Swami Ayyappa. Puspabhishekam is performed every day from seven to nine in the evening under the leadership of the Tantri.
Special darshan and special pujas will be performed for five people in a group which offers Pushpabhishekam that costs Rs 12,500. The farmers of Cumbum, Dindigul and Hosur cultivate these flowers specifically for Sabarimala temple. From November 17 to December 3, 461 Pushpabhishekams were held.

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