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From 100 to 400 a year: Kerala emerges sizzling destination for dream weddings

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Many are now flying down to Kerala for their dream wedding, as Kerala is rapidly becoming the hottest destination for couples seeking the ultimate romantic setting to tie the nuptial knot. According to the latest data, 300 to 400 destination weddings now take place in Kerala every year, an increase from nearly 100 just a couple of years ago.

While Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Alappuzha are the primary hubs for destination weddings, some opt for Wayanad and Munnar. Industry experts say that compared to premium properties in Goa, Mumbai, and Delhi, Kerala offers the same services and facilities at an affordable rate.

“Families and soon-to-be-weds are choosing Kerala because the weddings are now more of a private affair for the family and friends to spend quality time together,” said Saby Jose, director of Kerala Destinations Private Limited. He said more families are coming to Kerala from Punjab, Gujarat, and Haryana for destination weddings.

The azure backwaters, swaying coconut trees, and breathtaking sunsets create a captivating canvas for couples exchanging vows. As this trend has been on the rise, the Kerala Government is taking concrete steps to promote destination weddings as a means to boost the tourism industry.

Kerala Tourism Minister P A Mohammed Riyas has stated that the government has recognised the economic potential of destination weddings and has been proactive in facilitating and promoting this trend. The Kerala government is also considering implementing a variety of schemes to attract foreign nationals for destination weddings. Tourism department officials said a series of initiatives are underway to attract more tourists in this segment, with an emphasis on enhancing the overall experience for both the couples and their guests. “Several hotels and resorts offer exclusive wedding packages that include personalised wedding planning services, ensuring that every detail is meticulously managed, from the ceremony to the reception,” said an owner of a resort in Alappuzha.

Already, the Kerala Tourism Department has taken up major marketing campaigns at a cost of Rs 2.86 crore to promote the state as an ideal wedding destination, highlighting its huge potential in this highly promising segment. “Kerala has huge potential to emerge as an ideal Wedding Destination, and it is going to be a major segment of our tourism. This is why the state Tourism Department is going ahead with a massive marketing campaign to position the state as an ideal Wedding Destination,” an official note quoted Tourism Minister Mohammed Riyas as saying. Special promotions are being run in the country’s five major airports – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad – showcasing Kerala’s strengths as a charming wedding destination to global travellers.

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