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From a club caterer to catering mogul in Kerala: The inspiring journey of  V K Varghese & Vee Kay Vees Caterers

V K Varghese

It’s not that easy to build a catering service firm in Kerala and become number one. But one individual has defied all odds to build an empire in the culinary world called Vee Kay Vees Caterers in Kerala through hard work, dedication and an unwavering commitment to deliver the best.

Meet V K Varghese, 75, of Kandanad in Ernakulam, the mastermind behind the most sought-after catering service firm in Kerala, Vee Kay Vees Caterers, which has grown to expand its network in Kerala with over 100 employees, four branches and a corporate office in Kochi. Varghese is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs who chase their dream to make it big in the food or restaurant business.

From a humble beginning as a caterer at a club in Kochi to the owner of Vee Kay Vees Caterers, Varghese could build Vee Kay Vees Caterers from scratch in 1985 after identifying the need for a professional catering service in Kerala and seizing every opportunity to learn and grow within the industry.

The success of Vee Kay Vees Caterers is a testament to the business acumen of Varghese, who got himself immersed in the vibrant world of food and hospitality after working in a club and running restaurants in Hotel Seaking, Ramavarma Club, Lotus Club and YMCA for years.

“Food is integral in human’s life. If you serve the best quality food with sincerity, you will thrive otherwise you will perish. My mission is simple: serve the best to the customers and you will get results,” Varghese told “Open Digest“.

“Many catering services emerged in the last couple of years but only a few managed to sustain in the long run. Vee Kay Vees Caterers could remain strong in the market and grow because we prioritised quality and customer satisfaction. My vision has been to redefine the catering experience by adhering to strict quality norms and deliver unparalleled culinary experiences to every customer,” Varghese said.

Varghese could make Vee Kay Vees Caterers a successful and a reliable brand by following a few key aspects like sourcing the best quality raw materials from the market, spot payment to vendors to ensure that they supply the best, thorough quality checks, adhering to all government norms, timely payment of salaries and giving a percentage of the profit to all employees.

“My biggest brand ambassadors are my clients who are always happy with our food and service. The good words from my clients have been our forte,” Varghese said.

Vee Kay Vees Caterers could grow from one centre in Kochi to other centres in Kayamkulam, Thiruvalla and Thiruvananthapuram in a span of over 20 years after words spread about the extraordinary culinary delights the firm could conjure and Vee Kay Vees Caterers became the talk of the town, captivating the hearts and palates of the people. “We ensure that we uphold the firm’s reputation by delivering exceptional service and sumptuous delicacies,” Varghese said.

What sets Vee Kay Vees Caterers apart is its unwavering commitment to quality. Varghese personally monitors day to day activities meticulously selecting the finest ingredients. Apart from creating gastronomic wonders that leave guests enchanted and craving for more, Vee Kay Vees Caterers remains a standout success because of its impeccable service in making an event a memorable one for the people.

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, his team of highly trained professionals ensures every aspect of the dining experience is flawlessly executed leaving guests mesmerised and satisfied. Building a reputation as number one catering service firm in Kerala by delivering quality service for the last many years, Vee Kay Vees Caterers today serves who’s who of Kerala’s elite, including prestigious corporations, celebrities and discerning individuals who seek nothing but the very best.

(This article is part of a brand campaign)

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