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From scissors to kicks: An inspiring kickboxing journey of Kerala hairdresser

Soly N P. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

For Soly N P, a 42-year-old local hairdresser from Aroor in Alappuzha, Kerala, the journey from wielding scissors to mastering kicks and punches was not an easy one. But he was determined to make it happen. He has risen to kickboxing stardom after started training to become a kickboxer at the age of 32. Soly has not only transformed his physique but has also clinched several prestigious titles in the sport.

Soly, a father of two, took a pivotal decision to learn kickboxing a decade ago when he realised his physical fitness was not at its best. “I decided to take up kickboxing because it was a physically and mentally demanding sport that requires discipline, strength, and agility.  I knew my age would be a big challenge when I joined to learn the sport. But I was ready for the challenge. Kickboxing made me mentally and physically strong,” says Soly, who is also coach at Club SpaRing in Kakkanad.

Soly could win many titles in a span of eight years but he had to retire from competitions because the upper age limit for amateur kickboxing participant was 40. However, he hung up his boots in style after winning gold and bronze medals at the National Kickboxing Championships in Pune.

Though Soly retired from competitions, he wasn’t ready to give his love for the sports. “I am now a professional coach for a group of youngsters and I enjoy the time training them,” Soly told “Open Digest”.

Soly has a word of advice to those who want to stay physically strong and mentally fit. “To keep your body and mind healthy, stay away from sugary foods and limit your diet to home-cooked meals,” he added. Soly’s achievement is a testament that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passion and overcome personal limitations.

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