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Govt hospitals in Kerala adopt AI-powered robotic Gaiter to help patients walk again

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Government hospitals in Kerala have begun embracing AI technology, with Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital installing an advanced robotic Gait training device to assist people who have lost their mobility due to various health issues to walk again.

An advanced AI-driven robotic gait training device, developed by the Kerala-based startup Genobotics, has been installed at General Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. According to officials, Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) has taken the initiative to implement this latest technology at the general hospital for the benefit of patients who have lost their mobility due to various reasons such as stroke, spinal cord injury, accidents, paralysis, and Parkinson’s disease.

“G Gaiter is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and uses various sensors to track the user’s movements, providing support and guidance as they walk,” said an official statement.

According to the state government, “the installation of G Gaiter at the general hospital is a significant step towards making world-class neuro-rehabilitation treatment accessible to everyone in Kerala. This initiative is a testament to Kerala’s commitment to providing its citizens with the best possible healthcare.”

As per the details, AI-powered Gaiters have many advantages in the field of physical rehabilitation. One of the primary benefits of AI-powered Gaiters is their ability to offer personalised rehabilitation programs. These devices utilise artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse the patient’s gait patterns and customise the training regimen accordingly.

AI-powered Gaiters offer real-time feedback and monitoring, allowing both healthcare professionals and patients to track progress accurately. The precision and adaptability of AI algorithms contribute to more efficient rehabilitation, potentially leading to accelerated recovery times. By continuously adjusting the training parameters based on the patient’s progress, AI-powered Gaiters help maximise the effectiveness of each session.

These Gaiters provide data on the patient’s movements and progress over time, aiding healthcare professionals in gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program.

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