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How a chip designer is spearheading organic farming movement in Kerala

Sreejith Sukumaran at his farm in Muhamma, Alappuzha, Kerala.

A chip design engineer, who has worked with tech giants like Intel, is silently spearheading an organic farming movement in Kerala to cultivate pesticide and chemical-free vegetables at affordable rates while simultaneously creating a sustainable business model that could potentially employ thousands.

Sreejith Sukumaran, a 47-year-old post-graduate engineer in electronics from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), is into the farming movement at his native place, Muhamma in Alappuzha, Kerala driven by a passion for sustainable living and a desire to mitigate the adverse effects of conventional farming practices.

Amidst his busy schedule as the vice-president of a Malaysian-based company, Infinecs Systems Pvt Ltd, which specialises in Silicon to Systems Design Services & Solutions, Sreejith has embarked on an ambitious journey to grow vegetables organically without the harmful residues often associated with conventional farming.

Sreejith Sukumaran

“I am from a farming family. Though I made a career in electronics engineering working with major corporates, I always wanted to do farming. So I decided to utilise my resources to launch an organic farming movement in my native place with the support of my friends,” Sreejith told “Open Digest.”

For the last three years, he has been spearheading the organic vegetable cultivation by employing natural fertilisers, composting techniques, and innovative cultivation methods. Sreejith bought a few acres of land in Muhamma and has set up the organic farming venture.

He envisions his organic farming endeavour as more than just a means of sustainable agriculture. “I am foreseeing farming as a viable business model capable of generating employment opportunities for thousands of individuals in Kerala,” he said.

According to him, there is huge potential for farming in Kerala, and it could be successful if people with resources come forward to form strategic partnerships. “We can create a farming eco-system by prioritising community engagement and social responsibility,” he added. He has also launched a foundation – P K Sukumaran and D Sreekumari Teacher Foundation in memory of his parents to support enterprising students and promote education. The foundation has donated a digital smart class room at SNLVP School, Charamangalam, Muhamma in Alappuzha apart from sponsoring prize money for district toppers.

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