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How a Kerala PSU is feeding the needy through farming

The vegetable cultivation at KMML premises. Image Credit : KMML

Farming to feed the needy? Yes, one of Kerala’s profit-making public sector undertakings, Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (KMML), has embraced farming in a significant way to provide vegetables and rice to underprivileged people and bedridden patients.

KMML has taken up paddy and vegetable farming on 13 acres of its land with the aim of offering fresh and nutritious produce to those who struggle to afford it.

“KMML has undertaken farming as part of its commitment to making a meaningful impact on people’s lives. We are excited to take this step to promote farming and create awareness about its importance. We have transformed a large tract of unused and barren land for farming,” said KMML spokesperson Muhammed Shabeer.

The first round of vegetable cultivation by KMML yielded an array of vegetables, including tomatoes, green chilies, tapioca, okra, snake gourd, and cucumbers. KMML has been employing organic and low-carbon footprint farming methods to not only enhance efficiency but also reduce the environmental impact. The PSU was recently recognised as the best public sector organisation in vegetable cultivation by the Kerala Agricultural Department.

Recently, KMML also initiated paddy cultivation on its premises, aiming for a yield within 110 days of sowing. The farming activities are being overseen by KMML Managing Director Chandrabose J.

“We have received tremendous support from the state agricultural department in expanding our farming activities on the company premises. KMML is also involved in fish farming. The company has established an agricultural committee to monitor the farming activities, which were launched as part of the Subhiksha Keralam Scheme implemented by the state government during the Covid period,” said the officials.”

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