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How a single mom from Kerala won financial freedom with terracotta jewellery

Aswathy C S

For 28-year-old Aswathy C S, breaking free from the constraints of a bad marriage was never easy. But this single mother from Kothamangalam in Kerala was determined and defied all odds to carve out an independent life. After putting in a lot of hard work, she has not only become a successful terracotta jewellery maker but also launched a movement “Artikaa”, a dynamic and supportive group of skilled women artisans who have transformed their passion into a thriving profession.

What’s more, the money from the venture gave her the freedom to complete her graduation, and she is now preparing for the UPSC exams. Aswathy got married when she was in her first year of college and had to quit her studies due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Though the marriage forced her to put her dreams on hold, Aswathy refused to let adversity define her future.

She rekindled her childhood passion for crafts and started to learn terracotta jewellery making. She realized that terracotta ornament making could be used as a means of livelihood. She honed her craft with diligence and passion, transforming humble clay into exquisite works of art.

“I started sharing pictures of the terracotta ornaments which I made on social media platforms, mostly TikTok, which was very popular at that time. Soon, I started getting orders from people who loved them. I also started a Facebook page named after my 8-year-old daughter, ‘Nayin’s Terracotta Jewellery,’ in 2017,” she told “Open Digest“.

Following TikTok’s ban in India, Aswathy started focusing more on Facebook and Instagram for showcasing her products. She began getting hundreds of orders, and her customer base grew in large numbers because of her ornaments’ beauty and intricacy.

“I am really proud and happy that I could earn a livelihood from terracotta ornament making. My small business venture has given me financial independence,” she said, adding that the community ‘Artikaa’ formed to support female entrepreneurs is now supporting hundreds of women entrepreneurs who work together to grow their businesses.

“I underwent a lot of struggle while trying to build a life of my own. In fact, the skill to make terracotta jewellery opened the doors of a new life for me. So, I founded Artikaa to support all those women who want to learn a skill and become financially independent. Our community is built on the foundation of women supporting women, and we believe that incredible things happen when we come together to collaborate and build real relationships,” she added.

What started as a means of survival has blossomed into a thriving business, providing Aswathy with financial stability and a sense of accomplishment.

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