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How an App by two Kerala women is empowering more women

Honey Devassy and Raji P. Photo: Special Arrangement.

A passion to build a venture of their own made two enterprising women in Kerala come out with an innovative app to empower women entrepreneurs in rural areas. The app named “Village Zone” not only enables micro-entrepreneurs to showcase their products and connect with potential markets but also fosters economic empowerment among women.

The masterminds behind the app are Raji P and Honey Devassy, both fervent advocates for gender equality and economic inclusivity. Recognising the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in rural areas, including limited access to marketplaces and resources, Raji and Honey have now embarked on a mission to level the playing field.

“Our app serves as a digital platform where women entrepreneurs can showcase their diverse range of products, spanning from handmade crafts to agricultural produce. Through the app’s user-friendly interface, users can easily upload product images, descriptions, and pricing, effectively reaching a broader audience beyond their immediate vicinity,” Raji told Open Digest.

More than a marketplace, the app emphasises community-building and collaboration. “We have envisioned the app as a supportive ecosystem for small entrepreneurs to forge partnerships. By fostering a sense of solidarity among its users, the app seeks to empower women not only economically but also socially and emotionally,” she said, adding that listing products for small-time entrepreneurs will be absolutely free.

“We will also provide training and support to women who may be less familiar with technology,” Raji said. Both Raji and Honey are assistant professors at Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT).

They expect that the impact of their app will extend beyond individual entrepreneurs. By facilitating connections between rural businesswomen and potential markets, the app has the potential to stimulate economic growth for women entrepreneurs.

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  1. Anonymous March 25, 2024

    Is it possible to try the app or see app usage?

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