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How an Uttar Pradesh native built a successful salon business in Kerala

Naeem Ahamed. Photo By: Manikandan Poickadan

For 60-year-old Naeem Ahamed from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kerala is a land of significant opportunities. While Keralites move out to other states seeking opportunities, Naeem relocated to Angamaly in 2007 and has carved out a successful life for himself and his family by running a hair salon.

Naeem came to know about Kerala while facing the challenges of making a living in Delhi. He didn’t think twice when one of his friends told him about the prospects in Kerala. “One of my friends, who was working in a hair salon in Angamaly, told me to come to Kerala when I was in Delhi. I am now really happy that I took the decision to relocate to Kerala,” Naeem told “Open Digest“.

Though Naeem reached Angamaly in 2007, his journey to success was far from easy. Upon reaching Kerala, Naeem initially worked in a hair salon to sustain himself and gradually saved enough to fulfil his dream of starting his own salon. He opened a modest barber shop in a quaint neighbourhood in Angamaly. His dedication and skill quickly gained him a loyal customer base, turning his humble establishment into a popular spot for the local community.

Over the years, his business flourished, and now he runs his hair salon with the help of his two sons, who have also launched another hair salon at Mekkad. His entire family, consisting of four sons and a daughter, has made Kerala their home. “We feel very at home here. Everyone is very supportive, and we are very happy to be in Kerala,” he added. Naeem works at his salon from 7:30 am to 9 pm.

Naeem’s success story serves as a testament to the opportunities that await those who dare to dream and work hard to achieve their goals. His journey from Uttar Pradesh to Kerala not only transformed his life but also brought prosperity to his entire family. His story is a shining example of the diversity and unity that define India, showcasing the beauty of individuals embracing new beginnings and building a brighter future together


  1. Narayanan January 12, 2024

    Yes, Kerala men are kam choor they don’t like to work in Kerala though there are lot of oppertunity still they prefer to work in gulf countries on minimal wages. Kerala people like to work out of Kerala Because the dirty cpm politics. outsiders prefer Kerala they are hard working too. But these outsiders being exploited by Jihadi groups there. People from UP try to get sympathy that Yogi rule is not good for us like that on this religious fanatic starts supporting them so they prosper in kerala.

  2. Anonymous January 12, 2024

    Almost all the barbers I see in Kochi are from UP or Utharakhand. National integration at its best. Some even marry locally, buy a home and settle down.

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