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How Kerala man uses pots, saplings to spread love and care

Sreeman Narayanan with the mud pots which he used to distribute free to the people. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

For the past ten years, a 74-year-old resident of a small village in Kerala has been touching the hearts of many and bringing about a positive change in society. Sreeman Narayanan of Muppathadam village in Ernakulam has received several accolades and recognitions, including appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Mann Ki Baat, and he continues to inspire those around him by leading an austere and simple life dedicated to benefiting society.

Most recently, Sreeman Narayanan has been chosen as the recipient of the 26th P V Thampy Memorial Endowment Award for Environment Protection.

Although Sreeman Narayanan has undertaken numerous social welfare and environmental projects, his campaign, “Pot for Water of Life,” has made a significant impact on society. Currently, he is involved in distributing one lakh Neem saplings to households in the Ernakulam district, with the aim of completing the distribution within the next two years. “I’ve been actively involved in social service for the past ten years. Since my childhood, I’ve had a strong desire to make a positive contribution to society,” said Sreeman Narayanan.

Over the last decade, he has distributed over one lakh mud pots to people, enabling them to fill the pots with water and place them in open fields and on rooftops during the summer season, providing birds with a source of hydration. Even his hotel, Dwaraka, has become a hub for enlightenment, as he has set up a desk providing Malayalam and English newspapers for his customers to peruse. He recently completed a tree-planting campaign called “Gandhi Trees” in his village, planting 10,001 fruit trees in households, including mango and jackfruit saplings.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sreeman Narayanan distributed reusable masks and cloth bags, distributing more than one lakh masks and over 50,000 cloth bags while encouraging residents to reduce their plastic usage. In an effort to promote the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, he distributed copies of Gandhi’s autobiography, “My Experiments with Truth,” to 5,000 households. “My family wholeheartedly supports all my endeavours, and that’s my source of strength,” he added.

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