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IAD exploring tie-ups with Indian startups to develop cost-effective compression bandages

Dr S R Narahari

To make lymphedema and lymphatic filariasis treatment more affordable for millions of patients world wide, Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kerala is exploring tie-up with Indian startups to make cost-effective compression bandages which are a key element in treatment.

IAD founder director Dr S R Narahari said Indian startups should come forward to help the institute bring down the cost involved in offering treatment to patients. “The compression bandages used for the treatment are very expensive. If our technological minds can develop a cost-effective alternative for making the bandages, we could make the treatment affordable for millions of patients,” he said.
According to Dr Narahari, India has all the required natural resources like latex and cotton to make the compression bandages but we still have to heavily depend on global suppliers for quality compression bandages.

“We are ready to collaborate with the tech startup in providing necessary guidance to develop the compression bandages. If we could develop it, the treatment cost will drastically come down benefitting millions of patients across the globe,” he said.

Dr Narahari also shed light on the pressing issue of other technological gaps in the treatment for lymphatic filariasis and lymphedema. Dr Narahari emphasised the need for innovative solutions and said that the IAD was ready to work with Indian startups to fill these gaps.

“I believe that by harnessing technology and innovation, startups can create cost-effective, patient-centric solutions to enhance lymphedema management. Indian startups have a unique opportunity to develop affordable, technology-driven interventions like wearable devices for early detection and monitoring, telemedicine platforms for remote consultations and AI-driven treatment plans tailored to individual patients,” Dr Narahari said.

Dr Narahari also stressed the importance of raising awareness about lymphedema among both patients and healthcare providers. “Many patients suffering from lymphedema are unaware of their condition or the available treatment options,” he said.

This article has been published in partnership with Institute of Applied Dermatology.

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