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Dr Narahari emphasises integrative medicine for successful Lymphatic Filariasis treatment at WHO Summit

Dr S R Narahari (left) with Union Ayush Secretary Dr Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha at the venue of recently concluded WHO Global Summit on Traditional Medicine in Gujarat. Image Credit : Special Arrangement

Dr S R Narahari, Founder-Director of Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kerala, has emphasised the necessity of an integrative treatment protocol that combines traditional medicine with modern approaches for successful treatment of patients suffering from Lymphatic Filariasis.

Presenting his findings on the effectiveness of the integrative medicine which he developed combining allopathy, yoga, and Ayurveda for treating Lymphatic Filariasis and Lymphedema at the inaugural WHO Global Summit on Traditional Medicine held recently in Gujarat, Dr Narahari said integrating traditional wisdom into modern medical practices not only enhances recovery but also improves the overall well-being of patients.

As an allopathic dermatologist, Dr Narahari’s treatment protocol aims not only to alleviate the physical symptoms but also to address the emotional and social impact of the disease. He said “there is a significant social stigma associated with this disease. Our integrative medicine approach helps improve emotional well-being in patients by reducing stigma and promoting self-care.”

At the WHO Summit, Dr Narahari highlighted how the fusion of traditional and modern medicine can effectively address the complexities of diseases like Lymphatic Filariasis, which affects millions of people worldwide. His presentation detailed how Ayurveda and Yoga aid in draining congested lymphatic areas, stimulating circulation, and reducing lymphedema swelling, while modern allopathic medicine offers antiviral drugs to manage parasitic infections in patients.

“Integrative medicine can optimise lymphatic health and function in patients beyond what anti-parasitic medications alone can achieve. An integrative protocol involving allopathy for infection management, Ayurveda for drainage and detox, and Yoga for circulation significantly improves the condition of Lymphatic Filariasis patients and enhances their quality of life,” Dr Narahari added.

(This article is part of our public health awareness campaign #Hoperenewed)

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