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Inkel expands operations, to bring more investment from NRKs

A solar power project installed by Inkel. Image Credit: Inkel

Inkel, the first company of Kerala government to be formed under the ‘Public Private Partnership’ model, has rebranded itself as a ‘Total Solutions Provider’ to bring in more investments to the state and undertake new industrial development projects.

Inkel’s board of directors meeting held in Thiruvananthapuram decided to expand the scope of the company from being a project management consultant to providing all kinds of services. Officials said the rebranding is being done to further expand the company’s operation and emerge as a major solutions provider indifferent industrial verticals in the state.

Inkel unveiled a new website and logo as part of its rebranding exercise. Industries Minister P Rajeev, in a FB post, said “as part of expanding the area of operation, Inkel will take up projects with emphasis on renewable energy sector and infrastructure development.” It will also set up logistics parks at selected centres along the national highway. “We are also acting as a channel to bring in more investment from non-resident Keralites (NRKs). Joint ventures will also be formed to use private land for public industrial projects,” said Inkel officials.

The board meeting also prepared the action plan for the next three years. Working as a project management consultant, Inkel has implemented projects worth Rs 4000 crore rupees in the last 15 years. Many works have been completed in the fields of health, education, transport and energy sectors.Inkel has established a business park at Angamaly, Inkel Greens, a 168-acre educational and SME Park inMalappuram and a two lakh sqft INKEL Trade Centre in Thiruvananthapuram.

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