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Kairali TMT expands Tech Fab operations to help builders save costs

Products made at Tech Fab of Kairali TMT.

After investing heavily in its brownfield unit in Palakkad, Kairali TMT has now expanded the operations of its state-of-the-art Tech Fab division to provide customised steel products to help builders avoid steel wastage, save time and reduce labour costs.

As steel wastage, time consumption, and labour costs are the most challenging issues that builders face in construction projects, the Tech Fab division will help the builders overcome all these challenges and save money. Kairali TMT director Humayoon Kalliyath said the Tech Fab will provide customised steel products according to project specifications and requirements.

“Builders simply need to walk in with their project drawings, and our tech fab will supply all the necessary TMT steel bars, including cut and bend rings, as per the required dimensions,” Humayoon Kalliyath said adding that this pioneering initiative would address key challenges faced by the construction industry, including steel wastage, time management, and labour costs.

“Traditional construction methods often result in significant steel wastage as contractors frequently order steel bars in standard lengths and then cut and bend them on-site to meet specific project requirements. This not only leads to a considerable loss of steel but also contributes to a less eco-friendly construction process resulting in more labour cost. Our hi-Tech Fab division will provide customised cut and bend rings, precisely tailored to the needs of each construction project. This not only reduces steel wastage but also allows for a more precise and efficient use of materials,” said Humayoon Kalliyath.

Kairali TMT co-director Pahalisha Kalliyath said the Tech Fab, a first of its kind by a steel company in Kerala, streamlines the construction process as builders will no longer need to spend time cutting and bending steel bars manually on-site. “We not only help save time but also reduce the labor costs associated with these processes. The tech division employs state-of-the-art technology and automated processes to create the customised cut and bend rings. These rings are fabricated to precise specifications, ensuring a perfect fit leading to higher project efficiency,” Pahalisha Kalliyath added.

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous November 18, 2023

    This is a good service to reduce wastage and reuse offcuts.
    Is the facility available to large projects Or to individual small users needing small quantity. Say 24 MT

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