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Kairali TMT strikes major iron ore deal to boost primary steel production

The brownfield factory of Kairali TMT at Kanjikode,

In an important development in the industrial landscape of Kerala, Kairali TMT has successfully struck a major deal for bulk iron ore, transforming the company into a major primary steel manufacturer of high-quality steel products in the country. Kairali TMT director Humayoon Kalliyath said the deal would not only increase the company’s production capacity but also significantly enhance the quality of its steel products.

“We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and innovation in the steel sector. We have inked a deal with a major supplier of iron ore. Under this agreement, Kairali TMT will have a steady and substantial supply of iron ore, a key raw material for steel production,” Humayoon Kalliyath said, expressing his enthusiasm for this transformative deal.

“It’s a big occasion for us. With this steady supply of high-quality iron ore, we are well-positioned to evolve into a primary steel manufacturer of international repute. Our commitment to producing top-tier steel products remains unwavering, and this partnership will allow us to deliver it,” Humayoon Kalliyath added, stating that Kairali TMT is committed to bolstering the country’s position as a steel-producing powerhouse, aligning with the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.

“We are excited about our new phase that not only makes us a reliable primary steel manufacturer but also enables us to contribute to India’s vision of becoming a global leader in the steel sector. With a sustainable approach and a focus on quality, Kairali TMT is set to make a lasting impact on the steel market,” said Kairali TMT co-director Pahalisha Kalliyath.

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