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Kerala achieves record production of 1028 MW from renewable energy sources

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Kerala’s significant steps in increasing its non-conventional sources of energy has made great strides with the state achieving a record production of 1028 MW from solar, wind power, and small hydro-electric projects.

The government has set a target to produce an additional 451 MW from solar energy alone in the next few years. A recent data shows that while 755 MW of power is generated from solar, 70 MW is from wind and 203 MW from small hydro power plants.  “We have devised projects to increase production from solar power plants and also wind power,” said an officer of Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB). Officials said Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology (ANERT) has come out with various schemes to enable people to produce energy from solar power units.

ANERT has been focusing on developing solar energy and has managed to increase its solar energy production. The state government has set a target of additional 451 MW of power  from solar energy and 38 MW from small hydro-electric projects. “Currently, a 20 MW wind power project is under construction. The rooftop solar capacity has been increased to 462 MW and an additional 141 MW has been added through other solar projects,” an official statement said.

Officials said the government has been providing incentives for businesses and individuals to invest in renewable energy. The government provides subsidies for renewable energy projects, and individuals who install solar panels on their homes and sell their excess energy to the grid. Kerala’s focus on renewable energy is not just about reducing greenhouse gas emissions but to create a sustainable and resilient energy system.

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