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Kerala boy faces ridicule for long thick hair, but his mission wins over hearts

Kashinath C. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

Don’t mistake him for a girl when you see his long, thick hair. Despite being ridiculed by his peers, Kashinath C, a fourth-grade student at Upper Primary School, Olapram in Malappuram, Kerala, has grown his hair with a mission to donate it to cancer patients.

Kashinath started growing his hair after he and his father C Praveen Kumar shaved their heads during the Covid period in 2020. Though his father gave up the idea due to difficulty in grooming the growing hair, Kashinath stuck to his mission after learning about donating hair for cancer patients who have lost theirs.

As his hair grew and its locks became astonishingly attractive, drawing envy from female students in his school, he began facing teasing and criticism for his unconventional choice. But Kashinath remained steadfast in his mission to make a positive difference in the lives of those battling cancer.

Neither his family nor he revealed the purpose of his decision to grow his hair to anyone until a few days ago, when his teacher officially announced in the school that Kashinath would donate his hair at a function on February 15, to raise awareness about donating hair to contribute to the creation of wigs for cancer patients who lose hair due to chemotherapy treatment.

Kashinath along with his father Praveen Kumar and mother Dinju

“My son and I decided to grow our hair together. But I cut my hair after finding it difficult to manage the growing length. However, Kashinath remained resolute in his determination to grow his hair. His mother, Dinju, properly took care of his hair over the last two years,” Praveen Kumar told “Open Digest.”

Kashinath found unwavering support from his mother and elder sister Avani Krishna, who encouraged him to stay true to his compassionate spirit.

As Kashinath prepares to part ways with his long locks on February 15, he and his family remain content with the small mission they have accomplished to bring a positive difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

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