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Kerala brother duo revolutionises wells with eco-friendly clay rings

Vishnu T M and Jishnu T M

Two brothers from Kerala have developed a ground breaking alternative to traditional concrete well rings. Vishnu T M, 25, and Jishnu T M, 24, of Mangad in Thrissur have introduced clay rings, a hundred percent eco-friendly solution that promises to revolutionize the way water wells are constructed and maintained.

As concrete rings are being largely used for well construction, the brothers, driven by their passion for sustainability and a deep respect for nature, decided to innovate by perfecting a unique clay mixture that can withstand the rigours of well construction. They say that their clay rings are as strong as concrete rings. Though it was their father, Manikandan, who first started making clay rings for wells, the two decided to join their father’s business to add value to the rings and take it to a larger audience.

Vishnu and Jishnu were into other jobs, working in a PVC manufacturing company and an air conditioning service firm respectively. But they joined their father’s business after he had a serious health issue. “After Plus Two, I was working in a PVC company while Jishnu worked as an AC Mechanic. We decided to join our father’s business after he suffered a heart attack,” Vishnu told “Open Digest.“.

“Clay is the best alternative to concrete, and it is natural. Clay rings are not only kinder to the environment but also provide a more affordable solution for our community. Moreover, the water in clay ring wells is cooler compared to concrete ring wells,” Vishnu said. As more people are preferring clay rings to concrete rings, the brothers have started to make custom-sized rings as per the requirement.

“We get most of our orders during the summer season. People are also converting concrete rings with clay rings to get cooler water from the wells. We also make rings in five different sizes,” said Jishnu.

The duo sources mud for making the clay rings from various locations, including Bangalore, Thrissur, Wayanad, and Nilambur. As of now, they have supplied clay rings to over 1,000 homes in Kerala. The clay rings, meticulously crafted by the brothers, boast superior insulation properties, keeping well water cool and fresh even during the hottest months.

“In the summer, these clay rings keep the water cool and act as a natural water purifier. Even the taste of the water is more natural in clay ring wells. The clay rings have holes increasing groundwater flow to the well. This is extremely helpful in areas where water is scarce,” said Vishnu.

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