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Kerala brother duo storms steel market with innovative rust-proof TMT bars

Humayoon Kalliyath and Pahalisha Kalliyath

Aiming to redefine the future of construction with sustainable and high-quality steel products, two brothers in Kerala have unveiled an innovative hundred per cent rust-proof TMT steel bar marking a significant milestone for their home-grown steel company Kairali Steels and Alloys Private Limited.

Kairali TMT directors Humayoon Kalliyath and Pahalisha Kalliyath, who have been committed to revolutionise the construction sector with high quality steel products, decided to launch Kerala’s first rust-proof TMT Bars with Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating after investing heavily in research and development for a TMT bar that could address one of the most persistent challenges in construction: the deterioration of steel due to corrosion.

“Corrosion has been a major concern for builders and engineers, particularly when projects are done in coastal and humid regions where the impact of corrosion is severe. Traditional TMT bars are susceptible to rust, weakening the structural integrity of buildings over time. Our specially crafted rust-protected TMT steel bars will eliminate this problem,” said Humayoon Kalliyath.

Humayoon Kalliyath and Pahalisha Kalliyath with Actor Mohanlal who was the brand ambassador of Kairali TMT

Pahalisha Kalliyath said the new innovative TMT bars incorporates advanced rust-shield technology with Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating. “The TMT bars manufactured at high-precision production facility of Kairali TMT in Palakkad undergoes stringent quality tests for rust resistance, durability and strength before reaching a customer. The engineers and scientists of Kairali TMT have put in years of work for this breakthrough in material science promising a longer lifespan for structures in high saline and hard weather conditions,” Pahalisha said.

“We’ve always believed that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. We were determined to create a product that not only addressed the persistent issue of corrosion but also contributed to a greener, more sustainable construction industry,” Pahalisha added.

Humayoon Kalliyath said “the rust-protected TMT Bar is just one of our many steps towards our vision of a future where builders and developers can make eco-conscious choices without compromising on quality or safety. Our new TMT bar is a game-changer for the construction sector in Kerala mainly along coastal belts of Kerala. As a home-grown company, we are really proud that we could come out with an innovative product that not only enhances structural integrity but also aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices,” he added.

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