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Kerala carpenter wins case against Lenovo, Oxygen over faulty laptop representing himself

T K Selvan

T K Selvan, a carpenter from North Paravoor in Kerala, bought a Lenovo laptop from Oxygen Computer Shop in Kochi for his tenth standard son in 2015 by availing a loan. But within a week, the laptop malfunctioned and his repeated attempts to get the laptop serviced under the stipulated warranty failed with both Lenovo and Oxygen refusing to entertain his complaint.

With no other door left to knock for help, the disheartened Selvan seeks the support of country’s consumer right protection laws for justice and wins an order from District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Ernakulam directing Oxygen and Lenovo to pay a compensation of Rs one lakh.

It took nearly eight long years for Selvan to get a favourable verdict but he is happy that he finally got justice. The Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission led by its President D B Binu ruled in favour of Selvan. The judgment not only recognised the Selvan’s right to a functional product but also awarded him compensation for the mental and financial stress endured during the protracted legal battle.

Interestingly, Selvan, who had only completed his Pre-Degree education, fought the case all by himself before the Commission and only during the fag end of hearing that he appointed a counsel with the help of his brother to argue the case.

“I took a loan from Kerala State Development Corporation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Ltd and bought the laptop for my son with much hope expecting it to be a valuable asset for his studies. However, the device encountered persistent issues, rendering it unusable within a week. Though I made repeated attempts to resolve the matter amicably with the computer shop owner, they refused a replacement or compensation,” Selvan told “Open Digest“.

Navigating the complex legal terrain without the aid of legal representation was tough for Selvan but he was determined to fight the case. Selvan appeared before the Commission in person to present his case. Selvan’s victory serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of consumer rights and the accessibility of justice for all.


  1. MINI M December 27, 2023

    I agree his persistence helped. But eight years and only one lakh as compensation?? The judiciary system shud be ashamed for allowing such companies take advantage of people. The company should be blacklisted..

  2. Rajeev, Delhi December 27, 2023

    importance of consumer rights and the accessibility of justice in 8 years. Really ?
    Hats off to Selvan for his courage and diligent efforts that kept him fighting for the justice.

  3. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    This comes at a time when I have been waiting for the past two years to buy myself the top tier Lenovo ( legion series laptop) . Wtf lenova, how complacent on your part. I had a stupid issue , that the laptop I bought from a store ( big corporate) had one key broken on the keyboard. The store manager refused replacement under the assumption that it was abuse on my part. ( I returned within 3 hours back to the store thanks to the traffic) . After few days of no solution from both the store and the HP’s lame third party warranty service providers refusal, my brother contacted HP middle East head office and they immediately replied with an approval that the laptop be replaced under manufacture defect warranty at the store . However the store manager refused their email as well stating he isn’t aware of this approval and refused to give me his email to forward the recieved approval. A month later I complained on ministry of commerce app ( KSA) and in next two weeks I recieved a call from the store and sms from the authorities stating that I can opt to get full refund or replacement choice of any laptop including any other brand from the store.

    Those two months of emails, pleadings, and reasonings took heavy toll on me. I have hence blacklisted that store and haven’t bought anything from them, at the same time I now know better on how to claim consumer protection. This poor man endured 8 years of this pain, he spent more on travelling to and fro and having to leave his important work for this stupidity. The courts have let him down, most importantly lenova you can’t be this ridiculous. Take notice immediately and compensate the man and warn your reseller. A brand must come with comfort of peace of mind, if it cannot give anything else.

  4. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    This is a powerful reminder of how biased or justice system is against consumers.
    8 years to win a case for a laptop that stopped working within 8 days.

  5. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    Levona would have won better brand name had they given the product replacement before court forcing them. A marketing failure and No social responsibility.

  6. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    I was also in same situation but 8yrs there is nothing to be happy in that

  7. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    Yes, Lenovo Company’s & its associates’ After-Sales Responses to its Customers, is often pathetic !! People often repose faith in this particular Brand name, owing to the Brand’s International Standing as a global front-runner, in this electronic gadget segment ! However, the reputation takes such beatings owing to such tad responses at multiple levels ! And the mega Corporate Company seems to have assumed an aura of indefeatibility owing to such long-drawn-out; time-consuming legal / Court procedures, which even if finally may be in the Consumer’s favour, is ONLY A PITTANCE, given the mental & financial strains & the loss /damage that may have been caused to the ultimate recipient – viz. the poor Carpenter’s son, for whom the Laptop was bought on Loan by the poor man ! The Consumer Court, should surely have awarded a much bigger Compensation, holding both – Laptop Company, as well as its Retailer / Dealer, liable in the said circumstances! The Special Statute of Consumer Protection Laws, is after all, ultimately meant to be enforced & to be a deterrent to such erring Companies / their Agencies!!

  8. Anand December 28, 2023

    It would be helpful if the reporter or expert commenting presents details of the easiest process for filing, documentation required & why INGRAM could not resolve this issue.

  9. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    I have blacklisted the store Oxygen store at edappally. They charge exorbitant prices and I have now been hearing a lot of issues with them.

  10. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    Just one lakh rupees after a battle of 8 years,it’s a shame to the judiciary.

  11. Vikram singh December 28, 2023

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

  12. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    8 years , considering time it is a big loss for Mr. Selven, time and years spend to attend the case more valuable than the 1 lakh rupees..

  13. Anish December 28, 2023

    Though I salute the courage,patience and absolute determination of Selvan through all these years while he was awaiting justice to be delivered, also imagining the plight of a common man like Selvan.
    8 years for the court to understand that these big shots, Lenovo and Oxygen were making an absolute fool of the customer here – ridiculous. I’ll say it’s an absolute shame to the judiciary here.
    There should be speed courts set up to resolve and dispatch such matters asap and impose a hefty fine on the folks playing mischief to set a clear lesson to avoid future such attempts!

  14. Jai ram ji December 28, 2023

    Only if judicial system was strong enough, this man would not have faced 8 weak years.

  15. Anonymous December 28, 2023

    Lenovo is not to be trusted.Something similar happened with me ,the camera never worked but they did not replace the laptop .It was opened by their technicians so many times that the screws of the back panel became loose, it is in dire state presently and now I have to spend money to get the back panel changed. INNUMEROUS MAILS AND CALLS FORCED THEM TO SEND ME A CAMERA BUT SPOILT THE LAPTOP. VERY POOR SERVICES .WOULD NOT EVER BUY A LENOVO AGAIN.

  16. Sai December 28, 2023

    Thanks for giving the justice.
    But ashamed that the amount payable to Mr.Selvan is just Rs 1lakh/-. He fought for justice for long 8years. As a human.. everyone can understand the pain and stress he went through during these time. Considering that, Lenovo and Oxygen SHOULD have been charged for paying at least Rs 10Lakhs..

    They all have a kind of attitude , that they can win over anything. This case has at least helped to prove that once in blue moon (in India ) justice is what always wins the heart.

    I really wish and request to reconsider this case and make the Giants pay atleast Rs10 Lakhs… Since it’s all his hard earned money… Not the money that he got from his role play.

  17. Anonymous December 29, 2023

    The celebrities supporting such companies should stop promoting them. No one heard of oxygen until a prominent personality did ad for it. They should get some info about the products they endorse and then go for it. Not blaming them but their promotion influence to some extent.

  18. Anonymous December 29, 2023

    It is the moronic judges who allow crooked lawyers to keep postponing cases
    8 yrs and 1lk compensation
    Shame on judiciary

  19. Anonymous December 29, 2023

    Thanks for publishing the name of the name of the companies, Prominant publications did not publish this news.

  20. K. S Sherimon December 29, 2023

    Thanks for publishing the name of the name of the companies, Prominant publications did not publish this news.

  21. Bala December 29, 2023

    Boycott Lenovo brands, they are notorious for chroinc defaulters in management team.

  22. Akash December 29, 2023

    I had similar issues with Lenovo, the battery puffed and broke the whole chases, I had opted for 3 extended warranty for extensive changes but but my complaint was not even looked at. I am never going to buy Lenovo product ever in my like.

    I had neither the patience not the temperament to fight the lengthy legal battle. Had to swallow the bitter pill and repair at my own cost.

    Got the laptop repaired from local shop as official Lenovo changes were over the top.

    Surprise surprise, the battery puffed and broke another chases from Lenovo.
    Pathetic chinese products from another chinese company.

  23. Karthikeyan Chidambaram December 29, 2023

    I had a laptop that used to hang at least twice every 10 hours, my shop keeper nor Lenovo service center had a solution, but it was better working in winter.

    I managed it for 10+ years.

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