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Kerala CEO gifts Mercedes Benz to his employee inspired by Gujarat diamond merchant

Abin Jose Tom (Left) and Savji Dholakia (Right)

An owner of an IT company in Kerala was recently the talk of the town when he gifted a Mercedes Benz car to one of his employees. Webandcrafts (Wac) CEO and Founder Abin Jose Tom did it because he was very much inspired by Gujarat’s diamond merchant Savji Dholakia, who used to grab the headlines for rewarding his employees with expensive gifts, mainly cars.

Abin Jose Tom decided to follow the footsteps of Savji Dholakia after he read about him. He decided to reward company’s chief creative officer Clint Antony with a luxurious car because Clint has been with him right from his college days when he floated the idea of launching a startup.

It was in a chat with “Open Digest” that Abin Jose Tom revealed that Gujarat’s diamond merchant Savji Dholakia was his real inspiration to reward his long time employee with such a fascinating gift.

“I was excited when I read about Savji Dholakia who used to reward his employees with expensive gifts, mainly cars. Clint has been with me since my college days. We used to work together from those early days when we used to do freelance jobs. When I started the company in 2012, he stayed with me and contributed to the company’s growth. He has been fancy about cars from those days and has been telling about his desire to buy a Mercedes Benz. So I decided to present him with a car,” Abin said.

Webandcrafts Chief Creative Officer Clint Antony with the car which he received as gift on February 9

Abin Jose Tom said he decided to give such a gift because he wants to put across a message to the employees that the company will reward those who are loyal and committed to the company’s growth. From a four-member team in 2012, Wac has now grown into a 320 employee strong firm that is into custom-made mobility solutions, e-commerce development, web and mobile applications and dynamic digital marketing strategies.

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