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Kerala couple rescues Bengali woman from streets, reunites her with family

Jyothi Joseph (second from left) along with Meera and her husband. Also seen is Kerala Interstate Migrants Alliance for Transformation (KISMAT) district coordinator Sruthi Menon.

A Kerala couple has rescued a 27-year-old Bengali woman from the streets of Thrissur and helped her safely return to her family in West Bengal. The couple took care of the woman for six days till she was safely handed over to her husband.

Puzhakkal block panchayat member Jyothi Joseph, 53, and her husband Joseph Tharakan, 61, not only provided her shelter and food treating her as a family member but also paved the way for a heartfelt reunion with her husband.

It was a few days back that the local residents of Puzhakkal in Thrissur noticed a woman roaming on the streets. On suspicion, they asked for her details and found that the woman was not willing to reveal any information. The locals informed the matter to Jyothi Joseph who reached the spot and spoke with the woman.

“I knew a little Hindi and after talking to her, I understood that her name was Meera and she had left her home after picking up a fight with her husband. She only had Rs 100 with her when she left the home. She reached Chennai from Bengal and later took a train to arrive in Kerala. She has been surviving on a few biscuits which she bought with the money,” Jyothi told “Open Digest”. 

On hearing her story, Jyothi took her to her home where she was given food and clothing. Jyothi also informed the matter to the police and a social worker who used to work for the welfare of migrants. “As she was young and really lost, I decided to take care of her till her family was located.  With no money or food, she wandered aimlessly for over ten days feeling lost and abandoned. She wasn’t carrying a mobile phone. But after talking with her for hours, she gave us the mobile number of her husband and we contacted him,” Jyothi said.

“She stayed with us for six days. My family supported my decision to take care of her,” Jyothi added. Kerala Interstate Migrants Alliance for Transformation (KISMAT) Thrissur district coordinator Sruthi Menon also coordinated and provided support to Jyothi Joseph.

The local police in Thrissur passed her details to the West Bengal Police which has already registered a case after she went missing from her home. “We also did a counselling session for the couple so that they could bury their fight and look forward to a happy life,” Jyothi added.

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