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Kerala govt approves setting up of Work Near Home Centres

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Kerala has revived the project to set up Work Near Home Centres with the state cabinet approving to go ahead with the concept. The government has given in-principle approval for setting up Work Near Home at various locations in the state under IT Parks.

The cabinet decided to approve the concept considering the need to improve the working comfort of IT/ITES employees in Kerala and to attract more companies and employees, working outside Kerala, to return to their home state.

As per the details released by the state government, the proposed work-near-home centres will  be set up in spaces of five thousand to fifty thousand sqft area away from the existing three government IT parks utilising the existing facilities at that location. The Work Near Home Centres will have plug & play office, co-working space, meeting rooms, conference room, training room, coffee lounge / restaurant, seamless internet connectivity  uninterrupted power supply, air-condition, video/audio conference facility and a dedicated front desk with wireless printer and scanner. The project to be branded as “W Room” will be similar in look and feel across the state.

Former Kerala IT Parks Chief Executive Officer (CEO) P M Sasi has said the companies which gave work from home option for its employees during the pandemic have reported very high productivity. “Apart from productivity, some of the companies are also saving many of the other expenses like transportation costs, administrative costs, etc,” he said in a paper published by Gulati Institute for Finance and Taxation.

Highlighting the importance of having Work Near Home Centres, he said “the new age employees are looking for facilities where they can walk to work, so that they are not far away from the comfort of their home, and they also don’t have to worry about issues of commuting to their workplaces. They also are looking for proximity to all the amenities so that they can walk to buy and the time for commuting can be saved.”

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