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Kerala mulls AI cameras in Kochi, TVM & Kozhikode to book traffic violations

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Kerala government is contemplating to bring main cities in the state under the surveillance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras to detect traffic violations. In the first phase, the AI cameras are likely to be installed in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode cities where traffic violations are high.

The state government is considering AI cameras in these cities for booking traffic violators replicating Bengaluru Police which had successfully implemented the AI system for booking traffic violation cases in Bengaluru city. As per the latest reports, the Bengaluru city police is booking 96 per cent of traffic violators using the AI cameras.

“The AI cameras can bring down the physical presence of police personnel on roads. Moreover, there will be less number of complaints against police personnel for needlessly stopping motorists for booking traffic violations,” said a senior police officer.

Though the AI camera system on national and state highways in Kerala which will go live from April 20 is under Kerala Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), the AI cameras in cities will be more likely under the control of respective city police commissioners.

“A committee has been formed to evaluate the performance of the AI cameras which will go live from April 20 on state and national highways,” said a MVD officer.

The MVD has installed 726 AI cameras on national and state highways to detect traffic violations. Out of these, 675 cameras are designed to detect driving without helmets and seat belts, and vehicles that do not stop after causing an accident. Additionally, 25 cameras will capture illegal parking, 4 fixed cameras will detect over-speeding, 4 cameras mounted on vehicles will record traffic violations, and 18 cameras will capture those who ignore red lights. Moreover, drivers will also be fined for crossing the yellow line on the roads or overtaking by crossing the line boundary on curves.

Information regarding traffic violations captured by the cameras will be sent as a text message to the owner’s mobile phone. The fines for different offences are Rs 250 for illegal parking, Rs 500 for not wearing a helmet or seat belt, Rs 1,500 for over speeding and Rs 2,000 for using a mobile phone while driving.

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