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Kerala opening more creches for children of migrant workers

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Kerala is opening more creches for the children of migrant workers who have come to the state in search of better opportunities. In a latest, the Women and Child Department has decided to open a creche exclusively for children of migrant labourers at Vazhakulam block panchayat in Ernakulam district.

The department has earlier opened a creche for children of migrant workers near Kerala High Court.  A project under  Women and Child Department proposes to open 14 creches across the state for children of migrant labourers.

Officials said the department took the decision considering the numerous challenges faced by migrant workers, including finding a place to live and providing care for their children while they work. “The move is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for these children while their parents are out working in industries and the construction sector. This will not only help to ease the burden on parents who may not have access to affordable childcare options but also ensure that their children are receiving the care and attention they need,” said the officials.

A meeting chaired by Ernakulam Additional District Magistrate S Shajahan on Friday assigned an officer of ICDS to find a building for starting the creche which will be launched as a public-private partnership in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). “Social responsibility funds of various institutions will be utilized for infrastructure development of the creche. The panchayat has been asked to submit a plan for fund allocation for the creche. Four employees, of which two from other states, will be assigned to look after the children. A vehicle facility will be provided for bringing the children to the creche,” the officials said.

Experts see the decision to open more creches for the children of migrant workers as a positive step forward for Kerala. Calling upon the state government to ensure various welfare schemes for the migrant workers,  Benoy Peter, executive director of Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development, said “we need to acknowledge the fact that these workers are an important part of our economy and society.”

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