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Kerala Police open exciting opportunity for startups to develop drone jammer system

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Kerala Police have unveiled a significant opportunity for tech startups to develop a state-of-the-art drone jammer and alert system for the police department. The police department’s decision to collaborate with startups represents a departure from traditional procurement methods. Instead of solely relying on established contractors, this new initiative to partner with startups harnesses the agility and fresh perspectives that these emerging companies bring to the table.

A senior police officer said “by partnering with these emerging companies, the police force aims to foster an environment of innovation and adaptability.’ Through the jammer system, Kerala Police have taken a proactive stance to counter the increasing use of drones for criminal activities.”

The integration of drones into various aspects of daily life has undoubtedly brought numerous benefits, from aiding search and rescue missions to providing efficient means for aerial surveillance. However, the same technology that serves a positive purpose can also be exploited for illegal activities, such as contraband delivery, invasion of privacy, and even potential security threats.

Kerala Police, in collaboration with the Kerala Startup Mission, has issued a call for Expressions of Interest (EoIs) from startups registered in Kerala to develop the drone jammer and alert system. According to the details, the startups should be capable of developing jammers with the capacity to effectively neutralise unauthorised drones within a 500-square-meter area. They should also have the capability to alert and detect the presence of drones within a five kilometers range.

“This unique initiative invites innovative minds to collaborate with law enforcement, harnessing their creativity and expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions for drone interference. Startups selected for this initiative will have access to the department’s resources, expertise, and testing facilities, enabling them to fine-tune their drone jamming technologies under real-world conditions. This collaboration promises to accelerate the development and deployment of effective counter-drone measures. We are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology for safety and security. By partnering with tech startups, we hope to pioneer innovative solutions to combat the misuse of drones and ensure public safety,” the officer said.

For more details, interested startups can contact Inspector of Police, Drone Forensics at 8289847684.

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