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Kerala provides durability to combat uniform of Israeli police fighting Hamas

Maryan Apparel unit at Kannur, Kerala. Image Credit : Maryan Apparel

Israeli police force is busy fighting Hamas and it’s a group of textile weavers in Kannur, Kerala that provide functionality and durability for their combat attire.

For the last several years, Kannur-based Maryan Apparel has been supplying uniforms for the Israeli police force and they supply one lakh uniforms per year to the police force. It’s not the Israeli police force, this Kerala company has been infusing a touch of colour and style into the uniforms of several defence and police forces of other countries in the world.

Maryan Apparel Managing Director Thomas Olickal told “Open Digest ” that his company has been supplying the uniform to the Israeli police force since 2015. “We are now busy preparing to dispatch a fresh batch of consignment to Israel. Apart from Israel, we also supply uniforms to government departments of all major Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar,” he said.

The deal to supply uniforms to the Israel police force was won by the apparel company after a senior delegation of the force visited the factory at Kannur in 2015 and approved the quality standards followed by the company in stitching uniforms for the service personnel.

Though Maryan Apparel is a lesser known dressmaker operating from an industrial park at Valiyavelicham near Kannur, the company has been a supplier of uniforms to different forces in the Middle East and other countries.

A ToI report in 2018 had said that the company used to earlier supply the trousers for the Israeli police force until a Chinese company won the contract for the same. The company having over 900 employees had also supplied uniforms to Kuwait’s national guard and fire service. It had also stitched uniforms for the Philippine Army apart from supplying uniforms to health service workers in the UK, Germany, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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