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Kerala scientist develops Family Farm to train people on holistic way of life

P K Abdul Jabbar (extreme right) with his team members at the Family Farm of KAU at Thavanur.

He has embarked on a unique mission to educate the people on the values of holistic farming and how to cut carbon emission. After putting in years of effort, scientist P K Abdul Jabbar of Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) has come out with a first-of-its-kind project called “Family Farm” where people can learn how to make farming a part of their life and use farming as a way of life for physical and mental well being.

The Family Farm at Instructional Farm of KAU in Thavanur offers different farming techniques, provides practical knowledge on organic farming and gives hands-on experience. The Family Farm has now become a hub of activity with young students and people from all over the state coming to learn about farming. “We are getting visitors from across the state. Schools bring in their students to the farm, where our experienced faculty and farmers teach them about soil management, composting, water management and other vital aspects of farming,” Abdul Jabbar told “Open Digest”.

It was a passion to spread the knowledge of sustainable farming to the people that made this award winning agriculture scientist to design the Family Farm concept.

“Farming has all the values to make your life more refined and qualitative both physical and mental. We showcase the farming methods that add value to the life of a person. Our aim is to create a self-reliant farming society which is mentally and physically sound. We teach how to lead a carbon neutral life and remain physically active,” he said. The Family Farm teaches and trains people to use pedal pumps and hand pumps with sprinklers that can be used for farming.

Abdul Jabbar is thrilled with the success of the Family Farm and is passionate about continuing to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation. “Farming is an essential part of our culture and heritage. It’s vital that we continue to pass on this knowledge to future generations,” he added.

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