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Kerala to launch online booking for safaris, stay in Wayanad wildlife division

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Kerala Forest Department is all set to revolutionise the way nature enthusiasts experience the wilderness in Wayanad. The department has decided to launch an online facility that allows people to conveniently book safaris and accommodations in Wayanad wildlife division, eliminating the need for time-consuming queues at ticket counters.

While safaris can be booked for Tholpetty and Muthanga safari routes, accommodation can be booked for seven units of the Forest Department situated in Wayanad.

Recognising the increasing demand for immersive wildlife experiences, the Forest Department aims to provide a seamless and efficient process for individuals seeking to explore the natural beauty of the wilderness. By adopting this online booking system, the department not only enhances visitor experiences but also takes significant steps toward the conservation of the delicate ecosystem.

The new platform will allow users to browse available safari options and accommodation types, select their preferred dates, and secure their bookings with a few simple clicks. “This digital approach is expected to streamline the entire process, offering convenience and flexibility to adventure seekers while reducing the environmental impact caused by long lines and in-person transactions,” said a senior official of Kerala Forest Department.

The decision to embrace technology comes as a response to the challenges posed by traditional booking methods, which often resulted in overcrowded ticket counters and lengthy waiting times. The Forest Department’s forward-looking approach seeks to address these issues while also aligning with modern preferences for online transactions.

“The most significant advantage of this initiative is the enhanced preservation of the forest’s biodiversity. By controlling the number of visitors and strategically planning safari schedules, we can minimise disturbances to the resident wildlife, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature,” said the officer.

The department has invited Expression of Interest (EoI) for the development of the online booking system. With this innovative move, the Forest Department is not only catering to the needs of the present but also setting a precedent for sustainable ecotourism practices for years to come.

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