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Kerala to launch Tracker software to ensure elderly get support from children

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Kerala will come out with a software exclusively for the welfare of senior citizens in the state. The software, named “Tracker 2007,” will enable the government to monitor whether children and legal heirs are complying with orders for the payment of monthly maintenance and support to senior citizens.

The software is being developed to ensure that the orders issues under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 are being complied with. Senior officials of Social Justice Department said the new software “Tracker 2007,” will revolutionise the way support to senior citizen support is managed and monitored.

“The Revenue Divisional Officers (RDO) issue orders to children and legal heirs of elderly people to provide monthly maintenance support after the elderly people approach the RDO with complaints. But many times, the children fail to comply with the orders and the senior citizens are forced to approach the authorities again with complaints causing much hardships to them. The new software is being developed in a manner that the department will be able to track the payments made by the children or legal heirs based on the orders and can summon them for hearing if they fail to provide the money,” said the officials.

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, was introduced by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, with the primary goal of providing better provisions for the maintenance and welfare of senior citizens and parents. It legally obligates children and heirs to provide a monthly allowance for the care and well-being of senior citizens. Additionally, the Act establishes a straightforward, speedy, and cost-effective mechanism to safeguard the lives and property of older individuals. This crucial legislation received Presidential assent on December 29, 2007, after being approved by the Indian Parliament.

With the introduction of Tracker 2007, elderly citizens will have the option to register online, either independently or through the Akshaya centre. Subsequently, the RDO or the FRO will conduct a field verification to validate the claim and issue a maintenance order if it proves legitimate.

Moreover, this program will facilitate the tracking, monitoring, and verification of payment status by the children or heirs of the senior citizen applicant. It will also serve as a means to send notices or summons to relevant parties and promptly inform the RDO about actions taken, ensuring a more efficient and transparent process for the welfare of senior citizens in Kerala.

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