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Kerala to set up “Emerging Technologies Startup Hub” at Technopark

An aerial view of Technopark campus. Image Credit: Technopark/Facebook

Kerala Startup Mission is setting up a hub for startups in emerging technologies at Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram. The Kerala Startup Mission has completed the procedures for getting the required land at Phase IV campus of the Technopark for setting up the same.

As per the details, the Kerala government has allotted three acres of land at  Technopark Phase IV Campus in Pallipuram, Thiruvananthapuram to Kerala Startup Mission to set up “Emerging Technologies Startup Hub”.

Eletronics and Information Technology Department has issued an order dated April 13, 2023 granting permission to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Technopark to transfer an extent of 3 Acres of land in Pallipuram in Technopark Phase IV Campus to Kerala Startup Mission to set up the Emerging Technologies Startup Hub.

“The government decided to allot three acres of the land to Kerala Startup Mission after Tata Consultancy Services surrendered three acres of the 97 acres of the land which was allotted to them in Technopark Phase IV campus for setting up a ‘State of the Art Training Campus’,” the officials said.

The officials said the Emerging Technologies Startup Hub will specifically focus on promoting startups that are into development of several technological solutions for people-centric problems. The Hub will encourage early-stage innovators in sectors like Education, Learning and Skills, Healthcare, Gaming and Entertainment, Agritech & Climate Action and Tourism & Sustainability.

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