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Kerala to set up National Housing Park, an innovation hub for construction sector

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In a major move aimed at promoting innovations in the construction sector, Kerala government is set to establish the first-ever National Housing Park, a dynamic platform dedicated to showcasing, researching, and discussing all developments related to the construction sector.

As per the details, Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra will be the agency implementing the National Housing Park project, an innovative endeavour aimed to fostering collaboration between agencies working in the construction sector, promoting technological advancements and providing a unique opportunity for startups working in the construction domain to present their products before various stakeholders in the industry. Officials said the state government has given approval for implementing the National Housing Park project and an order has been issued on June 22 in this regard.

“The National Housing Park will become the epicentre of innovation, where builders, architects, engineers, and technology enthusiasts can converge to explore the latest trends, exchange ideas, and shape the future of housing and infrastructure. This park, with its state-of-the-art facilities and a comprehensive range of resources, will serve as a catalyst for the growth and transformation of the construction sector,” said a senior official in the housing department.

The official said a primary objective of the National Housing Park is to provide a platform for startups in the construction domain. “Though startups come out with disruptive ideas and groundbreaking technologies, they face challenges in gaining exposure and attracting potential investors. The park will bridge this gap by creating a conducive environment for startups to showcase their products and solutions to key stakeholders, including industry experts, ” the official said. The park will also feature advanced laboratories and testing facilities to facilitate research and experimentation in construction-related technologies.

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