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Kerala woman who spends half her daily wage to feed the needy

Jalaja Amma

Amidst the daily grind and struggles for survival, a woman in Kerala stands out not just for her toil but for her extraordinary generosity. Meet 56-year-old Jalaja Amma, a daily wage worker whose compassion knows no bounds as she dedicates half of her earnings to feed the poor and destitute in her locality.

Every day, Jalaja Amma sets out for her laborious day, working tirelessly to earn a modest wage that sustains her own family. Yet, what sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to utilise her savings to prepare food and serve it to the needy.

“I have seen hunger up close, felt its gnawing ache. Born in a poor family, I have struggled a lot in my young age. No one should have to endure that pain. I spend money because no one should stay hungry,” Jalaja told “Open Digest.”

Jalaja, who lives in Kallumthazham in Kollam, does odd jobs to stay afloat. But she allocates half of her daily wage to prepare meals for the hungry. For years now, she has been a beacon of hope for the destitute in her community. She prepares food at a small room near Palkulangara Devi temple in Kollam and serves it to the needy. “A few people support me in my noble mission. They contribute small amounts to buy groceries for preparing the food,” she said.

“I may not have much, but I have enough to share and I will continue doing it,” she added. From homeless families to elderly destitute, her daily offerings provide sustenance and solace to those on the margins of society.

Despite facing her own financial constraints, Jalaja remains undeterred in her mission to alleviate the suffering of others. Her selflessness has inspired others in the community to join hands, fostering a culture of compassion and solidarity. Jalaja Amma decided to positively contribute to the lives of people around her after enduring a lot of struggles from her childhood days. She was married at the young age of 17 and had to single-handedly raise her family of four children working as a labourer from the age of 27.

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