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Kozhikode to use e-vehicles made by students for waste management

Students of West Hill Government Polytechnic in Kozhikode working on the e-vehicles. Image Credit: Special Arrangement.

Kozhikode in Kerala will soon have e-vehicles assembled by students for waste management. Yes, a group of students in Kozhikode is tirelessly working to assemble e-vehicles for garbage collection in Kozhikode city corporation. Through the project, the students of Government Polytechnic at West Hill in Kozhikode aim to revolutionise the way waste is collected from public spaces, making it more environmentally friendly and efficient.

The project has garnered attention for its innovative approach to addressing the dual challenges of urban waste management and environmental sustainability. Government Polytechnic faculty Sarathchandrababu T S, who is coordinating the project, said around 40 selected students from different engineering streams are working as part of the project to make the e-vehicles.

“The project is being done as part of Industry On Campus scheme in association with Kerala government and Axeon company. The students are assembling 30 electric vehicles for city waste collection,” he said. In the second phase, the students will assemble 40 more e-vehicles and hand it over to Kozhikode corporation.

“By utilising electric vehicles for waste collection, the city corporation not only reduces its carbon footprint but also sets an example for other municipalities to follow suit. The students have been working tirelessly in collaboration with faculty members and industry experts to ensure that the assembled autorickshaws meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and durability,” said an official of Kozhikode Corporation.

This collaborative effort between the polytechnic students and the city corporation reflects a symbiotic relationship between academia and local governance. It not only provides students with a practical platform to apply their theoretical knowledge but also offers the city a cost-effective and sustainable solution to a critical urban challenge.

The initiative not only showcases the technical prowess of the polytechnic students but also underscores the importance of involving the younger generation in addressing pressing environmental issues. It stands as a testament to the power of education and innovation in shaping a more sustainable future for our cities.

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