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KSRTC makes comfy AC rides more affordable for masses

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In a significant move to enhance the commuting experience for its citizens, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) launched affordable air-conditioned (AC) bus services in the state. This groundbreaking initiative under the brand “Janatha” aims to make premium comfort travel accessible to all, revolutionizing public transportation within Kerala.

The decision to introduce low-cost AC bus services comes as a result of the corporation’s dedication to improving the overall travel experience for people.

“Recognizing the need for a more comfortable and convenient mode of public transportation, the corporation has set its sights on bringing air-conditioned buses to the masses. In the first phase, this service has been initiated to connect Thiruvananthapuram with Kollam and Kottarakkara,” said a senior officer of KSRTC.

With fares set at a fraction of the typical cost associated with luxury travel, KSRTC is committed to ensuring that even the ordinary citizen can experience the comfort of air-conditioned travel without burning their pockets. As per an official statement, “the Janatha buses offer a minimum ticket cost of ₹20. These buses provide a more affordable option compared to Super Fast buses. For travel beyond the minimum fare, passengers will be charged at a rate of Rs 1.08 per kilometer. Janatha buses will have stops at every major bus stop along their route.”

In a phased manner, the KSRTC will expand the services of Janatha buses to all districts in the state by arranging each depot as hubs, major bus stations as regional hubs and Angamaly bus station in Ernakulam as central hub. The services will be scientifically rearranged on hub and spoke model.

“The ultimate goal of this project is to connect all districts and introduce Janatha AC services with new AC buses. In subsequent phases, non-AC bus services will also be incorporated into the Janatha service. These services will facilitate passengers in reaching Janatha AC (Door to Door) service hubs at major bus stops, depots, and intermediate stops for inter-district travel,” the officials added.

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