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KSRTC to adopt tech, including AI, for boosting efficiency, revenue

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To boost efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and streamline operations, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is going to harness the power of the latest technology to revolutionise its fleet management.

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Real-Time Data, KSRTC will be embracing the latest technological advancements to completely streamline its operations, which have been following archaic and conventional methods for all these years.

Senior officials of KSRTC said the technology is being implemented to overhaul the fleet management of over 4,500 buses owned and operated by KSRTC. “The operation of about 4,500 buses is done without relying on any data or without automating the system in a typical normal fashion. The corporation is in the process of establishing a data-driven automated system to enhance the operations,” said a senior KSRTC officer.

KSRTC has already called for Expressions of Interest (EoI) from startups in Kerala to implement the latest technology. By adopting cutting-edge technology, KSRTC is aiming to set new standards.

“The integration of an advanced fleet management system will yield several key benefits. The new technology provides real-time monitoring of each vehicle in the fleet. GPS tracking, combined with sophisticated software, allows for precise location tracking and route optimisation. This not only ensures timely deliveries but also reduces fuel consumption, leading to a considerable reduction in the carbon footprint,” the officer said.

According to the details, the project will enable the management to analyse the data and implement an automated solution supported by AI/Blockchain/Machine learning techniques to enhance the operational efficiency of the fleet.

“By collecting data on vehicle performance, driver behaviour, and maintenance needs, KSRTC will be able to make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and boost revenue. The technology will also improve customer satisfaction,” the officials said.

KSRTC’s decision to embrace technology is a testament to its commitment to do away with outdated methods that have been pushing the corporation into debt.

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