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Life after: Kerala woman bounces back from wrongful arrest, jail term

Sheela Sunny

Sheela Sunny was successfully running a beauty parlour named ‘She Style’ in Chalakudy when she was arrested on February 27, 2023, and jailed for 72 days for allegedly possessing LSD stamps. It took over five months to prove her innocence when the Kerala High Court, in July, issued an order quashing the case after a chemical analysis report confirmed that the substance seized from her possession was not drugs.

A year since the dark incident in her life, 52-year-old Sheela has shown resilience and determination to fight back into life, overcoming the mental trauma she and her family suffered due to shame and huge financial loss.

For Sheela, life has never been the same since her return from jail. Ostracised by friends and relatives, Sheela had to sell the equipment and the beauty parlour to fight the case until she was absolved of all charges.

“We lost everything. But I have the confidence to fight back because I knew that I have not done anything wrong. I will not rest until I find the culprit who trapped me in a fake case. An investigation is still ongoing,” Sheela told “Open Digest.”

As she and her family bring life back to normal with the help of a few well-wishers, Sheela says that it was her positive outlook that helped her overcome the trauma. She managed to open a beauty parlour with the help of a charity organisation at Kalpakancheri.

Sheela, who was eking out a living as a beautician, found her life completely turned upside down when the excise officials arrested her and put her behind bars for 72 days. She broke down, unable to accept that she was labelled a drug trafficker.

“I don’t know what happened to me at that time. It was total numbness. I felt like I was caving into a deep dark pit. I lost my mental balance and had to struggle a lot to maintain sanity,” Sheela said recalling the horrifying moments.

Confident that the truth would prevail, Sheela showed the guts to fight the case, and her family comprising her husband and children stood by her in her affirmative stand to prove her innocence.

“People hated me a lot. I will never forget the hatred I received at that time. A lot of stories were fabricated about me and spread. My family had to undergo a lot of trauma. But I was not ready to give up because I knew I was innocent. My husband and children stood by me and supported me. I strongly believe in positive thinking. I knew the truth would prevail,” she said.

“This is a new beginning for us, and we are fighting to make ends meet. The case is still ongoing, and I am looking forward to the day when the real culprit is arrested and justice is served,” she added.


  1. Anonymous February 5, 2024

    I am curious as to what the general media publish in the case of Sheela Sunny when was arrested

  2. M Cherian February 10, 2024

    Sheela, start over again. They stole your 72 days. Don’t look back. Go forward. Fight. You WILL win. There is nothing that beats hard work.
    If you have to have capital to restart your business, sell services coupons for a high amount that avails the buyer x amount of services for x amount of months. I know I would buy it if it were in my city. This can get you on your feet again. Then there is GoFundMe also.
    Wishing you the best in your endeavour.

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