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“Life is too short, so make most out of it”: Kerala youth who fought cancer, paralysis

Ridhil Haris. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

At one point in his life, Ridhil Haris thought that his life had come to a grinding halt after both his legs were paralysed while battling cancer. But this 25-year-old youth from Palluruthy, Kochi in Kerala wasn’t ready to give up. With sheer willpower and an unyielding spirit, he embraced the path of rehabilitation and recovery. Now he is preparing to set a new Guinness World Record by cycling for three days in a row without a break.

It was at the age of 20 that Ridhil Haris was diagnosed with cancer. Though he came out of cancer enduring physical and emotional toll of chemotherapy and various treatments, he faced an additional setback when he was left paralysed due to complications arising from his medical interventions. Many would have succumbed to despair in the face of such challenges, but not Ridhil.

Ridhil successfully completed two cycling expeditions – one to Kashmir from Kochi in 2021 and the other to Umling La Pass from Kochi in 2023. He is now preparing to set a new Guinness World Record by cycling non-stop for three days.

“My family was devastated when I was paralysed and bedridden. My grandfather’s last wish before he passed away was to see me stand up and walk by myself. In fact, his words gave me the courage and strength to fight,” Ridhil told “Open Digest“.

Ridhil Harris during his cycling expedition to Kashmir

His grandfather owned a cycle workshop and Ridhil used to spend hours at the cycle workshop during his childhood days. It was his fond love for cycles that made Ridhil take up cycling to get back into his life. He began walking around pushing the cycle and in the due course of time, he gathered strength to sit on the cycle and pedal it.

His journey began modestly, with short rides around his neighborhood, gradually building his strength and stamina. As Ridhil gained confidence, he set his sights on monumental goals.

“From November 15, I will start practice sessions and workouts for setting the new Guinness World Record,” Ridhil said. As Ridhil continues to set new goals and work for achieving it, his life reminds us all that the power of will and the courage to face adversity can turn even the darkest moments into stories of triumph and inspiration. Ridhil is a symbol of human willpower, overcoming adversity, and the triumph of the indomitable human spirit.

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