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Madrassas in Kerala adopt new curriculum for students on traffic safety, environment

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A Sunni Education Board in Kerala has embraced wings of change by introducing modern and most relevant topics like traffic safety and environment pollution to the curriculum for children in the madrassas run by the board. Over 10,000 Madrassas run by the board of Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musliyar now teach students at their madrassas also about traffic safety, environment protection, ill effects of drugs, values of secularism, social welfare and cleanliness.

Though the Education Foundation has been imparting traditional Islamic teachings to young minds for over many decades, it decided to add new topics after its visionary leaders felt the need to adapt and introduce modern and relevant topics to teach children to become responsible and better citizens of the country.

“We have introduced a series of new modules aimed at fostering a well-rounded education for the children attending our madrassas. We realized the importance of educating the children on pressing issues like traffic safety and environmental pollution,”  board secretary Abdul Hameed told “Open Digest“.

As part of the new curriculum, the children are taught about the impact of pollution on nature and the significance of recycling and conserving resources. “The new curriculum is for children aged between 10 and 16. We have over 10 lakh students in our Madrassas. We want the children to not fall prey to the destructive allure of drugs. As India is a country of diverse communities, we also emphasise on the importance of co-existence and the values of secularism. Children are taught to respect all faiths and cultures to foster unity among different communities. We want the children to learn the spirit of understanding and harmony, transcending religious differences,” said Abdul Hameed.

A team of officials of Kerala Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) visited the office of the education board and appreciated the religious scholars for adding topics on traffic safety in the curriculum.

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